Introducing M+Dc

Introducing M+Dc

Welcome to the first post for the M+Dc blog. It has been a very busy few months as the multitudes of parts have been put into motion. Actually, the seeds of this project were planted more than a year ago. I’m super excited about the months to come and to see the great designs that will be coming to the marketplace because of what started here.

I’m an industrial designer who’s been busy for the last ten years either designing decorative hardware that gets mass-produced overseas, or design engineering custom architectural light fixtures to be made in the Toronto area. I love doing both of these things very much, but as time passed, I both felt a desire to design things that could be mass-produced locally and saw the local manufacturing sector begin to seriously shrink.

What could I do about this?

That’s when the idea for Manufacturers + Designers Connect began to take shape.  I had previous experience trying to get designs produced. I knew how complicated it can be when you’re trying to force an idea to become tangible. So, I started to think about things from the perspective of the manufacturer. Manufacturers typically have specialties, often in using particular material and particular processes.  I asked whether they’d be interested making new products if I incorporated the materials and processes that they were already familiar with into the design’s foundation. The response was both encouraging and inspiring, so I just had to try and do it.

Looking for more details about the project? Please see the about page.

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