This Wouldn’t Be Possible Without…

This project would not have been possible without the help of some key people.

M+Dc wishes to thank:

All the Manufacturers and Designers for putting up with the many many emails, phone calls, visits, long hours, and special considerations that made this project possible to pull off.

Caley Tessier for the beautiful photography and art direction for the whole project.

Dawn Buie for getting the architecture of this site organized and online. Plus the major web help in getting looking so good.

Thomas King of Discreet and Discrete for the critical master pattern work for Maïwenn Castellan’s Floor Lamp.

Lucas Winters for the help with troubleshooting the wood arm and concrete base mould for Maïwenn Castellan’s Floor Lamp.

Garnet Graham of New Hope Upholstery for the amazing work for Derek McLeod’s Lounge Chair.

Caroline Lock for the amazing copy writing help and feedback.

Alex Laws for writing the manufacturer and the designer biographies.

Vanessa Farquharson for helping M+Dc become more media savvy.

Deborah Wang and Gelareh Saadatpajouh from Toronto Design Offsite Festival for the kind guidance in event preparations.

Kelly and Char at Milk Glass Co. for the use of their beautiful and charming gallery space.